Gevo, Inc. has announced the successful production of fully renewable PET. Gevo produced this plastic with a new technology jointly developed with Toray Industries. It used commercially available renewable MEG and Gevo’s paraxylene. The new material contains 100% renewable carbon and has similar characteristics and main applications as traditional PET. However, if commercial production of the material is not successful, its properties and price would be higher than those of traditional PET.

Recycled PET

There are a variety of methods for recycling PET. Chemically recycled PET can be used to create unsaturated polyester resins, polyurethanes, and other materials. These polymers are used widely for applications ranging from insulation to artificial leather. Polyurethane is created by chemically breaking PET into oligoesters and using them as a starting material for the synthesis of new polymer molecules. Polyurethane can be recycled several times, and the process does not result in a significant change in its chemical properties.

Once flakes are separated, they can be reprocessed into various forms, including nonwoven fabric and plastic fiber. Mechanical recycling is superior to chemical recycling, but it does degrade printability and dyeability. Therefore, it is important to recycle PET products responsibly. In some cases, there is no need to use chemicals. Depending on your local laws, you may be able to use recycled PET products. But if you have any doubts about the quality of the material you have discarded, don’t hesitate to contact a recycling service.

In addition to curbside recycling programs, PET recycling is an excellent way for businesses to cut down on their waste disposal costs. Many recycling centers will pay good money for the material, so it’s a win-win situation for everyone. It is important to note that a recycling program must include several steps, including how to collect the PET material and packaging it for pick-up by the recycling center. It is a great way to save the environment, and it can generate funds for your business.


Increasingly, natural disasters are affecting people across the globe. As such, it is important to learn how to protect your pets in such a disaster. Depending on your location, the disaster may vary from region to region, but there are several basic steps you can take to protect your pets. If possible, keep your pets in a secure fenced area, or secure your pets with a leash. Likewise, you should always feed them, so they’re not tempted to run away when you’re around.

Ensure that your pet’s enclosure has proper ventilation. This is especially important if you’re traveling by car. It’s very dangerous to leave your pet in an open vehicle because they’ll suffer from heatstroke or suffocation. Besides, they’ll get sick if you’re not careful. Also, make sure that you feed your pets prior to traveling so they stay healthy. Also, make sure you use proper kennel enclosures.

In an emergency, your pet’s behavior may change, and you should take the proper precautions to keep them safe. Try to keep your pets in a carrier or leash, and keep them away from wildlife and stray animals. Regardless of the cause of the disaster, your pets’ exposure to certain pests can pose risks. Check your pets’ litter boxes and cages for any debris, exposed wiring, and sharp objects. Your pet’s behavior might also change drastically after an emergency. If your pet is normally friendly, it may suddenly become aggressive, or irritable.


Compounded medications for pets are a great alternative to traditional veterinary medicine. In addition to providing customized doses and formulations, compounding pharmacies also help pet owners adjust medication. They can also offer a variety of pet chewable treats that your pet can eat. For more information on compounding medications for your pet, visit their website. This will help you decide which treatment is best for your pet. And for a better experience, consider bringing your pet to a compounding pharmacy in your area.

Whether your pet needs a medication for a chronic condition or a one-time treatment, compounding can help. Depending on the nature of the condition, compounded medications can be more convenient than traditional medication. For example, a liquid-based medication is easier for pets to swallow and can be applied directly to the skin, which allows the medication to be absorbed into the body. Oral pills and capsules are formulated with specialized ingredients or a combination of active ingredients to improve their effectiveness. Some medications can even be flavored to make them more palatable. Popular flavors include chicken, peanut butter, and banana.

However, the compounded medications are not FDA-approved and are not necessarily as effective as their pharmaceutical counterparts. In general, veterinarians only recommend compounded medications if they are not available in FDA-approved forms. During compounded medication administration, it is best to follow your veterinarian’s instructions and monitor any symptoms of an adverse reaction. You should also inform your veterinarian if your pet experiences any unusual changes in appearance or behavior.


Pet owners can download applications to keep track of their pets’ health. Some of the latest pet care gadgets include the PetTrax smart feeder that can monitor your pet’s weight and notify you when it has eaten. Other innovative gadgets like the Alvinoo smart water fountain keep liquid at a defined temperature, are constantly in motion, and even offer antibacterial properties. These devices have already made their way into many homes in Brazil. If you’re looking for a new pet care device, check out these innovative solutions:

PetDesk is similar to 11pets and lets you keep track of your pet’s medical history. It can remind you when to administer vaccinations, has a built-in to-do list, and can even be set to notify you when your pet needs medical attention. It supports most types of pets, including cats and dogs, and is free and has no ads. You can download this pet care app on your smartphone for free.

If your pet ever gets sick, you can download Pet First Aid from the American Red Cross. The application teaches you how to perform CPR for your pet, and can also help you find the nearest pet hospital or veterinary clinic. You can even create a profile for your pet and set a time to visit the vet. In addition to pet first aid, the application also provides a search function to find the nearest veterinarian. This makes it easier to find the appropriate veterinary facility and receive the proper care.

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