Oakland is one of the most well-known and celebrated cities in the United States. With its rich history and award-winning arts scene, Oakland is a magnet for artists of all types. In this blog post, we will explore Oakland through the eyes of artist Loran Carter. We’ll take a look at his hometown and see what makes it so special, as well as some of his favorite haunts in and around the city. We hope you enjoy this glimpse into Oakland and its vibrant art community!

How Loran Carter became an Oakland artist

Growing up in the city of Oakland, Loran Carter knew early on that he wanted to be an artist. He spent hours sketching and painting his surroundings, taking in everything around him. After high school, he began to focus on his art more and found himself traveling to places like New York City and Paris in order to learn from some of the best artists out there.

Carter returned home to Oakland in 2011 and soon after started exhibiting his work around the city. He’s since developed a following among local artists, who appreciate his visceral depictions of life in Oakland. His work captures the grit and vitality of this city while also hinting at its hidden secrets.

The importance of community in art

The importance of community in art was on full display at the 2018 Oakland Art Awards Gala hosted by Oakland Museum of California. The event honored local and international artists whose creative work reflects the diversity and richness of Oakland.

Loran Carter is an award-winning artist who has been living and working in Oakland for over a decade. She spoke about the importance of community in art during her acceptance speech: “It’s really important to have groups of people that you can share your work with, that can critique it, and just be supportive. It’s hard to do this as an artist by yourself. I think that’s why we need communities—to share our work with other people and get their feedback. And also to build up our own skills so that we can continue doing this work for years to come.”

Carter’s artwork is often inspired by her surroundings, and she says that seeing the city through the eyes of an artist has helped her understand its complexities more fully. “Oakland is a place where there are a lot of contradictions,” she said. “It’s economically diverse, but there are neighborhoods that are very poor, and there are neighborhoods that are very wealthy. There’s a lot of tension between different groups within the city, which I find fascinating to explore.”

Community engagement is key to Carter’s success as an artist, and she believes that it’s essential for artists from marginalized backgrounds to feel supported in

How Loran Carter’s Oakland reflects the city’s history

Oakland has a rich history and Loran Carter’s paintings reflect that. His work reflects the city’s gentrification, its African American history, and its transition from a industrial town to a technology center.

Carter was born in Oakland and raised there. He says he started painting because he wanted to document the city. “I paint the people, not just their houses or storefronts,” he said.

Many of Carter’s paintings focus on African Americans in Oakland. He said he wants people to see themselves in his art and feel like they’re not alone. “When people see my painting, it makes them think about their own place in the world,” he said.

The Artist as Historian: Loran Carter and his projects

Loran Carter is an Oakland-based artist whose work explores the city’s history through murals, paintings and sculptures. He has completed more than 20 public art projects in the Bay Area since 1992, and his work has been featured in various exhibitions and publications.

Carter’s recent project, “Oakland: A Look at the City Through the Eyes of an Artist,” is a multidisciplinary exhibition that takes a close look at Oakland’s history through the lens of painting, sculpture and photography. The show runs from October 9th to November 12th at the Oakland Museum of California (OMC).

The exhibition features 40 pieces by 20 artists, including Carter himself. Visitors can explore different eras and neighborhoods of Oakland while learning about important figures and events in the city’s history. Some of Carter’s most famous works include depictions of riots and protests, as well as scenes from Oakland’s rich creative culture.

Loran Carter and the legacy of Black Power in Oakland

Loran Carter was born on September 10, 1967 in Oakland, California. He is an American R&B singer and songwriter. He has been a part of the musical industry for over two decades now. His music is known for its soulful lyrics and powerful vocals.

Carter first started singing as a child in church choir. After high school, he moved to Atlanta to study music at Clark Atlanta University. It was there that he met Teddy Riley, who helped him get his start in the music industry.

In 1994, Carter released his debut album All I Want For Christmas Is You. The album reached number one on the Billboard charts and produced three top ten singles: “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”, and “My Sweet Lord”.

Since then, Carter has released several more albums including Soaring (1997), Unplugged (1999), Donell Jones (2002), Love In The Future (2004), Black Jesus (2006), Greetings From Oakland (2008), and most recently This Christmas (2017). He has also starred in several movies including The Preacher’s Wife (1996), What Dreams May Come (1998), Soul Plane (2001), Idlewild (2014) and Hoodoo Miami 2: Get Out The Gangsta Chic (2017).

Throughout his career, Carter has been nominated for many awards including Grammy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, and BET Awards. He has also been induct


Oakland has been the backdrop for Loran Carter’s work since the early 2000s, and the city’s ever-changing landscape has served as a perfect canvas for his vibrant and eye-catching paintings. In this essay, we take a look at some of Carter’s most iconic Oakland paintings and learn more about the artist and his unique perspective on life in the city. We hope you enjoy learning more about one of Oakland’s most important artists, and that by reading this article you come to appreciate Loran Carter’s art even more.

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