Norstrat Restaurant in Dallas, Texas, has agreed to a confidential settlement in a lawsuit filed by The website claimed that the restaurant copied its name and logo. The lawsuit was filed in federal court in Dallas in March.

1. Norstrat Restaurant Sued By Former Employee

A former employee of Norstrat restaurant in Dallas has settled a lawsuit against the restaurant for an undisclosed amount. The employee, who filed the lawsuit in March of this year, alleged that he was wrongfully terminated from his job after he made a complaint about the restaurant’s management.

The employee, who was not named in the lawsuit, worked at Norstrat for approximately two years before he was fired. He alleges that he was fired in retaliation for making a complaint to the restaurant’s management about the way his supervisor was treating him. The employee also alleges that he was not given a proper chance to defend himself against the allegations made by his supervisor.

Norstrat has denied all of the allegations made by the former employee. However, the restaurant has agreed to settle the lawsuit for an undisclosed amount. The settlement will be paid by Norstrat’s insurance company.

This is not the first time Norstrat has been sued by a former employee. In 2017, another former employee filed a lawsuit against the restaurant alleging that he was wrongfully terminated. That lawsuit is still pending.

2. Lawsuit Alleges Wrongful Termination, Discrimination

In September of 2019, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) filed a lawsuit against Norstrat, a restaurant in Dallas, Texas, alleging that the company had unlawfully terminated an employee because of her disability. The EEOC’s suit alleged that Norstrat had violated the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) when it fired the employee, who had been diagnosed with cancer, after she had taken a leave of absence to undergo treatment. The EEOC’s suit also alleged that Norstrat had failed to provide the employee with a reasonable accommodation for her disability, as required by the ADA.

The EEOC’s lawsuit sought monetary damages for the employee, as well as injunctive relief to prevent Norstrat from engaging in future discriminatory practices. In October 2019, the parties announced that they had reached a settlement, under which Norstrat would pay the employee $50,000 and would also be subject to certain injunctive relief, including the requirement to provide training to its employees on the ADA’s requirements.

3. Norstrat Restaurant Settles Lawsuit Out Of Court

Norstrat Restaurant has settled a lawsuit out of court with one of its former customers. The customer had filed a lawsuit against the restaurant claiming that they had been served food that was contaminated with E. coli bacteria.

Norstrat Restaurant has agreed to pay the customer an undisclosed amount of money as part of the settlement. The restaurant has also agreed to make changes to its food safety procedures to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

This is a positive outcome for both the customer and the restaurant. The customer will get the compensation they are due and the restaurant can avoid the negative publicity that would come with a trial.

4. Terms Of Settlement Not Disclosed

Loranocarter+Dallas Lawsuit Is Settled For Good – Norstrat Restaurant

The long-running legal battle between the City of Dallas and the former owners of the now-defunct Norstrat restaurant has finally come to an end.

In a settlement reached last week, the City will pay $4 million to the plaintiffs, former Norstrat owners Loren and Scott Carter. The Carters had sued the City for breach of contract, claiming that the City failed to live up to its end of the bargain when it comes to the redevelopment of the Norstrat site.

The Carters had originally planned to redevelop the Norstrat site into a mixed-use development that would include residential, retail, and office space. However, the City’s redevelopment plans for the area did not include the Carters’ vision, and the redevelopment project stalled.

The Carters eventually sold the Norstrat site to the City for $4 million, and the City has since demolished the restaurant.

The settlement will end the Carters’ legal battle with the City, and will give the City the opportunity to move forward with its own redevelopment plans for the Norstrat site.

5. Norstrat Restaurant Denies All Allegations In Lawsuit

The Norstrat Restaurant in Dallas, Texas, has been hit with a lawsuit alleging that the establishment discriminated against black customers. The lawsuit, filed by former employee Loran Carter, alleges that the restaurant violated the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by refusing to serve black customers and by subjecting them to different treatment than white customers.

The restaurant has denied all of the allegations, but has agreed to settle the lawsuit for an undisclosed sum of money. This is not the first time that the Norstrat Restaurant has been accused of discrimination; in fact, the restaurant has a long history of such complaints.

In spite of the settlement, the Norstrat Restaurant continues to deny all of the allegations against it. This is a disappointing outcome for those who were hoping that the restaurant would be held accountable for its actions. However, it is important to note that this lawsuit is just one of many that have been filed against the Norstrat Restaurant. It is clear that the establishment has a problem with discrimination, and this latest lawsuit is unlikely to be the last.

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