Selena Gomez is the new queen of Instagram. As of January 2018, Gomez has 138 million followers on the social media platform, making her the most-followed female on Instagram. Gomez has used her platform to share photos and videos of her personal life, as well as her work as an actress and singer.

1. Selena Gomez is the new queen of Instagram

It’s official: Selena Gomez is the new queen of Instagram. The 23-year-old singer-actress-producer now has the most followers on Instagram for a female, with a whopping 69.4 million people now double-tapping her every photo and video. That’s more than Kim Kardashian (68.3 million), Beyoncé (67.1 million), and Taylor Swift (66.8 million).

Gomez’s ascension to the top spot is no fluke. The star has been systematically growing her Instagram following for years, and she’s now reaping the benefits of her hard work. Here’s a look at how Gomez became the most popular person on Instagram:

1. She posts a mix of personal and professional photos.

Gomez is careful to maintain a balance between personal and professional photos on her Instagram account. While she regularly posts photos and videos from her work as a singer and actress, she also gives her followers a peek into her personal life, sharing photos of her friends, family, and everyday moments. This mix of content keeps her followers engaged and coming back for more.

2. She’s active and responsive.

Gomez is one of the most active celebrities on Instagram, regularly liking and commenting on other users’ photos and videos. She also responds to comments on her own photos and videos, giving her followers the feeling that she’s truly listening to what they have to say. This level of engagement is rare for celebrities of her stature, and it’s one of the things that makes her so popular on the platform.

3. She uses Instagram to give back.

Gomez is using her massive Instagram following for good. In addition to regularly promoting her work with UNICEF and other charities, she also uses her platform to raise awareness about important issues like mental health and body image. This focus on giving back makes her even more relatable and likable to her followers.

4. She’s strategic about her partnerships.

Gomez is savvy when it comes to partnering with brands on Instagram. She’s worked with major brands like Coca-Cola, Adidas, and Coach, and she’s also been careful to choose

2. She has the most followers on Instagram for a female

As of September 2019, Selena Gomez is the most followed woman on Instagram, with over 155 million followers. Gomez first gained popularity as a child actress on the Disney Channel show Wizards of Waverly Place, and went on to star in the films Spring Breakers and Hotel Transylvania. In addition to her acting career, Gomez has also released several music albums and singles, and is currently signed with Interscope Records.

Gomez’s massive Instagram following can be attributed to a number of factors, including her large and loyal fan base, her frequent posts, and her use of Instagram Stories. In addition, Gomez has also partnered with a number of brands on sponsored posts, which has likely helped to increase her reach and engagement.

Despite her large following, Gomez is not the most followed person on Instagram – that distinction belongs to Instagram’s own co-founder, Kevin Systrom, with over 300 million followers.

3. Her popularity on Instagram is skyrocketing

Selena Gomez has the most followers on Instagram for a female and her popularity is skyrocketing! The 22-year-old singer has been crushing the social media game lately, and her Instagram account is a big part of that.

Gomez has over 50 million followers on the photo-sharing site, and she is quickly closing in on the top spot overall. She is currently the second most followed person on Instagram, behind only her good friend Taylor Swift.

Gomez is no stranger to being popular on social media. She was the most followed person on Twitter for years, until she was recently eclipsed by Justin Bieber. But she is still going strong on Instagram, and her fans can’t get enough of her photos.

Gomez often posts pictures of herself with her friends, family, and co-stars. She also shares a lot of behind-the-scenes photos from her work as an actress and singer. And of course, she posts plenty of selfies!

Gomez’s Instagram account is a great way to keep up with her busy career and personal life. If you’re not already following her, be sure to check her out!

4. She is quickly becoming the most followed person on Instagram

With over 140 million followers, Selena Gomez is now the most followed person on Instagram, surpassing her close friend Taylor Swift.

Gomez’s Instagram success is largely due to her active and engaging presence on the platform. She regularly posts photos and videos of herself, often with accompanying captions sharing her thoughts and feelings. Gomez also frequently interacts with her fans in the comments section of her posts.

While some celebrities have shied away from using Instagram as a platform to share their personal lives, Gomez has embraced it, giving her fans a behind-the-scenes look at her everyday life. In doing so, she has built up a strong connection with her followers, which has no doubt contributed to her massive success on the platform.

With her massive Instagram following, Selena Gomez is now the undisputed queen of the platform. She is sure to continue to dominate in the coming years, with her engaging presence and close connection to her fans.

5. Her fans are eager to see her posts

It’s official: Selena Gomez is the new queen of Instagram.

The 22-year-old singer-actress overtook Kim Kardashian as the most followed person on the social media platform this week, with a whopping 69.4 million followers.

Gomez’s rise to the top is no doubt due in part to her massive social media following. The “Come & Get It” singer is active on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and of course, Instagram.

Her fans are eager to see her posts, whether it’s a photo from her latest photoshoot or a behind-the-scenes shot from her latest movie.

And Gomez doesn’t disappoint. She regularly posts photos that give her fans a glimpse into her life, whether she’s on the red carpet or just hanging out with friends.

Gomez is also known for her philanthropic work. She’s a UNICEF ambassador and has worked with various charities, including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Make-A-Wish Foundation.

With her massive social media following and her dedication to philanthropy, it’s no wonder Gomez is the new queen of Instagram.

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