Petscoko creator Domenico Domenico

Fans of the zany puzzle game Petscoko will be delighted to hear that the creator is already working on a new project. The new game will have ties to the 1997 PC game Lego Island and will contain elements of horror, but its gameplay will be more straightforward than Petscoko. For Domenico, the change of pace is a welcome one.

Game’s backstory

One of the most controversial elements of Petscoko is Kotoko’s backstory, which is based on the character’s sexual abuse. Kotoko is a child who was forced to perform child prostitution by her parents, who allegedly thought that it would be better for her career. Her father used the money he earned from this to make himself more comfortable. In addition to this, he was having an affair with the dental hygienist she worked for.

Its creepy story

The creepy story in Petscoko has a dark origin. The game’s creator, Candace Newmaker, grew up in a horrific situation. Her story reveals some of the darkest depths of human nature. This creepy tale is told through the game’s imagery.

Although there are similarities to creepypasta and other Let’s Play stories, Petscoko is unique in its own right. While other Let’s Plays use altered versions of real games, Petscop is an original IP. Its creator also created all the assets that make up the game.

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