The changing landscape of technology has had a profound impact on the way we live and work. That said, the manufacturing sector is not immune to these changes. In fact, recent years have seen a number of technological advancements that have had a significant impact on the industry. In this blog series, we will be exploring some of these advancements and how they have shaped the manufacturing sector. From robotic automation to 3D printing, read on to learn more about the ways in which technology has revolutionized manufacturing in recent years.

Owl Rock Wheatley siliconangle

Series Owl Rock Wheatley siliconangle is a collaboration between artist and engineer Patrick Dougherty, who created the owls out of 3D printed ceramic, and electrical engineer Mark Schafer, who designed the circuitry. Each owl has an electronic eye that can sense things like light and movement. The owls are also connected to each other and to a computer, so they can communicate with each other and send data back to their creators.

Siliconangle Owl Rock Wheatley

Siliconangle Owl Rock Wheatley is a unique collection of owl rocks located in Silicon Angle, California. The area has been known for its strange rocks and minerals for many years, and the owl rocks are no exception. These rocks are made up of silicon dioxide and other minerals, and they have a beautiful sheen to them.


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