The video sharing website, youtube is one of the most popular platforms on the internet. Millions of people use youtube to upload, share and view videos every day. While there are a number of ways to make money from youtube, one of the most common ways is to monetize videos by selling advertising space. In this article, we will reveal the exact steps you need to take to start making money from your youtube videos. From setting up your ad account to creating lucrative ads, this article has everything you need to get started.

What is youtube owner net worth?

At the time of writing, YouTube is owned by Google, with a market cap of over $450 billion. This puts its owner net worth at an eye- watering amount – $6.7 billion, to be precise. However, this does not take into account any possible future profits or dividends that could be generated from the site. So, while it is safe to say that the net worth of YouTube’s owner is quite considerable, it is by no means assured.

How to make money on youtube

There are many ways to make money on YouTube. Starting with monetization, which is the process of turning viewers into customers or subscribers. This can be done through ads, sponsorships, and merchandising. Additionally, users can make money from selling content they create and distribute on their channels. Finally, there is the potential to make money through live streaming, as well as creating original content.

Monetization methods vary greatly depending on the user’s goals. For example, a YouTuber who wants to make ads the primary source of income may opt for ad-supported videos that run before other videos in a users’ feed or after videos for specific demographics such as children or adults. Sponsorships are another way to generate revenue off of YouTube; companies will pay YouTubers to promote their products or services within their videos. Finally, some YouTubers choose to sell merchandise related to their channel or content; this can include shirts and hats related to games or movies they have covered, as well as physical items like dolls made from characters from their show or movie reviews written in a toy store register voice.

For those looking for supplemental income outside of YouTube, there is always the possibility of live streaming video either solo or with a partner. Doing so typically requires starting up an account with Twitch Prime (which just became available in December), and then linking it to your YouTube account. This allows you to earn Twitch Gold (a form of

Tips for making youtube videos

If you’re thinking of starting a youtube channel, here are some tips to help make your videos look great and increase their viewership:

– Choose a good name for your channel. Make sure it’s unique and not already taken by another channel.

– Choose a good video template or script. This will help you create your own style and ensure that your videos look professional.

– Select high quality footage and visuals. Make sure all of the footage you use is royalty free or can be obtained for free legally. This will help reduce the cost of making your videos, and improve their credibility.

– Plan your content carefully. Include interesting topics, shots, and music that will attract viewers.

– Utilize social media to promote your channels and reach new viewers. Share interesting articles or clips from your videos on Twitter, Facebook, and other online platforms to raise awareness.

How to increase your youtube channel views

If you want to increase your youtube channel views, here are some tips:

1. Use a powerfultitle: Make sure your title is catchy and will grab viewer attention. Try to make it as keyword rich as possible so that it ranks higher when people search for related videos.

2. Upload quality content: Make sure the video you upload is of good quality and shows your best material. People are more likely to watch a video if they believe it will be of value to them.

3. Promote your channel: Spread the word about your channel through social media and other online resources. If you can get a large following, viewers will be more likely to see your videos.

4. Utilize keyword research: Before uploading any new videos, research which keywords might be pertinent to the topic of your video and include these in the title and description tags. This will help boost viewership by directing people towards your content who are looking for that information.


If you’re like many people, you probably watch a lot of videos on YouTube. In this article, we will take a look at the wealth of owners of popular YouTube channels and how much they are worth. From household names to up-and-comers, this is an overview of some notable Youtube personalities and their net worth. We hope that this information has given you a better understanding of who owns what on YouTube and why their channels are so popular. Who knows; maybe your favorite YouTuber is next on the list!

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